Becoming a Homeowner

The Family Selection Committee is actively seeking applicants to become Partner Families in Washington and Dodge Counties.

How to qualify to become a homeowner


Your present housing must be considered inadequate as per the following:• You are unable to meet city maintenance standards
• The building has structural problems
– the water, electrical, sewage, or heating systems are not functioning properly
• Your rent is in excess of 30% of your gross annual income
• You have not been able to obtain housing by conventional means

Ability to Pay

Home is bought from Habitat for Humanity of Washington and Dodge Counties.

You must demonstrate your ability to pay the mortgage:
• the monthly mortgage
• real estate taxes
• insurance

You must be able to meet all other family financial obligations. HFH-W&DC can help you develop a budget in order to determine eligibility

Willingness to participate

12 hours of “sweat equity” must be completed prior to review of your application.

250 hours of “sweat equity” must be completed by each adult per family before house can be occupied. This can include hours worked by extended family or friends

Maintenance and repairs are your responsibility after you move in. Maintain an ongoing relationship with HFH-W&DC after moving in, including financial counseling and household maintenance education.



If you live or work in Washington or Dodge Counties and are interested in the Homeownership program,

Please contact us for more information: 

2022 Income Guidelines

Use this chart to determine if you meet the income guidelines. Your family’s annual gross (before taxes) income must be below the maximum income shown in the chart below.

$,Washington County

1 $20,181.00 $36,998.00
2 $23,064.00 $42,284.00
3 $25,947.00 $47,569.50
4 $28,830.00 $52,855.00
5 $31,136.40 $57,083.40
6 $33,442.80 $61,311.80
7 $35,749.20 $65,540.20
8 $38,055.60 $69,768.60

,,Dodge County

1 $16884.00 $30,954.00
2 $19,296.00 $35,376.00
3 $21,708.00 $39,798.00
4 $24,120.00 $44,220.00
5 $26,049.60  $47,757.60
6 $27,979.20 $51,295.20
7 $29,908.80 $54,832.80
8 $31,838.40 $58,370.40