Becoming a Homeowner

Habitat for Humanity of Washington and Dodge Counties is actively seeking applicants to become Partner Families in Dodge County.

We are searching for Dodge County applicants.  If you live or work in Dodge County, we encourage you to apply if interested. 


We are still accepting Washington County applications in the meantime. Thank you!

Homeowners must meet our three basic criteria to pursue an application:


Applicants must have a need for housing due to any of the following:

  • Current housing has significant damage or is unsafe
  • Overcrowding among occupants
  • Housing costs exceed 30% of your gross monthly household income
  • Inaccessibility 

Ability to Pay

We do not give away homes

All of our homeowners make mortgage payments based on the cost of their home and their income.  Through our application process, we assess what you payments you can afford and ensure that applicant income is expected to be stable in the future.  Having debt does not disqualify you from our application process either.  

Willingness to Partner

Our Homeownership Program is a long-term process where we offer support and resources to prepare our families for life in their new home.  We require 12 hours of “sweat equity” to be completed as part of the application process.  Upon approval, households need to complete 250 hours before closing on the home.  Up to 75 hours can be donated from friends or extended family as well.  While these are called “sweat equity” hours, we have options to fulfill them if accommodations are needed.

Need more information?

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2022 Income Guidelines

Use this chart to determine if you meet the income guidelines. Your household’s annual gross (before taxes) income must be below the maximum income shown in the chart below.

Washington County

1 $20,181.00 $36,998.00
2 $23,064.00 $42,284.00
3 $25,947.00 $47,569.50
4 $28,830.00 $52,855.00
5 $31,136.40 $57,083.40
6 $33,442.80 $61,311.80
7 $35,749.20 $65,540.20
8 $38,055.60 $69,768.60

Dodge County

1 $16,884.00 $30,954.00
2 $19,296.00 $35,376.00
3 $21,708.00 $39,798.00
4 $24,120.00 $44,220.00
5 $26,049.60 $47,757.60
6 $27,979.20 $51,295.20
7 $29,908.80 $54,832.80
8 $31,838.40 $58,370.40